The tailor master

In Nepal, society was divided as per different caste and different jobs had been segregated for each caste. In ancient Nepal people were involved in exactly same job as per their caste which could be easily identified by their surname. For example “Brahmins” were involved in worship of God , the caste named “damai” were involved in sewing cloths and the caste called “chhetri” were soldier etc. And there were discrimination between each. where brahmin called themselves as greater than any other . Since the brahmin’s job was to worship god , other people also respected them as their pandit or guru. It was believed that “killing one brahmin is sin, which is equivalent to murder of 10 cows .” (Cow is symbol of God in Hindu .)

There were no school or college in that time . The Hindu religious book were only things to read such as “ramayana” ,”Gita” ,”Mahabharata” and many more . Since there were no school or college there were no specific place to learn except gurukula (guru means teacher and kula means family ) where pupil comes to place of their guru to learn .

One day i thought why the work of damai (Tailor master) were treated as bad work. Why they were discriminated in ancient Nepal ( some people still treat trailor as bad occupation and in some places (mostly villages) damai are still victim of same old cruel society” ) even though work of tailor master involves brain and it’s may be the most creative job in the world. And they hate trailor master, ignoring the fact that every clothes they are wearing were sewed by tailor master .

In my opinion caste discrimination is one of the bad interpretation done in Hinduism.

And I decided to make the sketch of that beautiful job.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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