Top usefull android apps


  • Autodesk sketchbook

 Autodesk sketchbook is one of the best apps for artist who wants to draw using smartphone, tablet or from any other touchscreen devices .

  • Andromoney

Andromoney is personal finance apps having better user interface . This apps is flexible we can even convert data to excel spreadsheet format . This apps let us record our daily transaction easily and we can analyse theses data with pie chart and graph.

  • Google keep

Google keep is the simple apps to write sticky notes. It is easy and flexible. Notes also can be accessed from browser using the googles Id and password. It allows us to write short note  quickly specially if you are using gmail .

  • Snapsheed

If you’re tired of using  simple beauty apps then Snapsheed may be the best apps. Again Google product . It is comprehensive mobile photo editor with so many features.

  • Office lens

Office lence is the beautifully created ‘document scanner’ apps developed by Microsoft .

  • Moon + reader 

Moon plus reader is best apps to read ebook on smartphone and tablet. It can read various files including PDF, Mobi, epub. It allows us to read ebook flexibly by changing themes brightness and even size and font of word.

  • Twilight

Twilight is the blue light filter apps which reduce eye strain while hanging out with smartphone. Specially at night .

  • 7 minute workout

This apps is best workout instructer. This apps instruct us to scientifically proven workout methods that can be done within 7 minute . We often don’t have time to spend hours that’s why this apps is the best.


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